Texfab Corporation
Food Stuff &
Texfab Commodities
Established in 1992 and
Headquartered in Karachi Pakistan
Specializing in Supply Chain
Management of Texfab Commodities,
such as Rice, Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Salt,
Pulses, and Spices
Texfab Corporation is a supplier and exporter of wheat from Pakistan. With top notch processing and good packaging, Taxfab is a reliable partner when fulfilling your wheat orders. Wheat is converted into flour and other forms. Wheat is consumed in every corner of the world. Texfab offers the best quality wheat to its partners around the globe. Wheat products include wheat flour, breads, baked goods, pasta, pizza, bread crumbs, cereals and other uses. Wheat is also used as a food stabalizer in many products. Click here to go to our Contact Us page or you can email us: sales@texfabcorp.com.